International Cargo

International Cargo

Centered in Turkey, Plures Air increases its success every other day in the field of international air cargo transportation besides the numerous aviation services it offers.

Plures 24/7 realizes the international cargo delivery demands of individuals as well as corporations between preferred airports with its worldwide acclaimed reliability, experienced team and the extensive aviation network. Any product entrusted to Plures Cargo team is securely delivered without any breakage or damage independent of the remoteness of its destination.

Portable Cargos;

- Heavy, large pieces

-Hazardous Substances

-Perishable fruits, vegetables

-Humanitarian aid contents

-Live animals

-Oil and spare part supplies

-Belongings and products of great value


-Machines, vehicles and so on


International air cargo transportation is much faster and more reliable than highway transportation. You may not only deliver, but also bring your cargos internationally. The most private, valuable, sensitive and urgent deliveries are transported under the warranty of Plures by the highest security measures. The different shipping options offered by Plures enable air cargo deliveries to reach their destination in the desired date and time.

Cargo Delivery Options;

-Door - to Door,

-Door - to Airport,

-Airport - to Door,

-Airport - to Airport

Offering world-class international air cargo services, Plures has an infrastructure capable of handling the delivery of cargos of any size and weight. The types of the aircrafts vary as jet and turboprop according to the urgency and the size of the cargo. On demand, LCL cargo transportation services are provided as well.

International Plures Air cargo services have answered the cargo delivery demands of numerous government and sales agencies, private companies, and foundations operating in sectors such as oil, construction and automotive as well as associations and charitable organizations. It is possible to benefit from the economy packages of Plures both individually and corporately. For more price and service information about our international air cargo transportation services, you may contact Plures from +90 212 465 33 32 or using the request forms available on our website.

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