Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

You can send your cargo where ever you want, all arround the world, with our dangerous goods transportation options. Shipment sending options have recently increased. So much so that, according to your request, even live animals or human remains can be transported within officially determined criterias. It is possible to transport hazardous materials within country or between countries although they require sensitive transportation. Dangerous goods are poisonous, flammable, explosive, pressure-forming materials that can damage human health and the environment. Substances such as hazardous materials transported with freight services, requires great care and meticulousness.

You have to work with a professional cargo company, to make an on time and safe transportation, if you are about to send a shipment that contains hazardous materials. Otherwise, you may experience various difficulties while your cargo is being shipped. Plures is a well known company, for safe and on time air cargo delivery.

Plures Air, is a private air cargo company. The company offers high level of cargo service to its customers. The most obvious indicator of this service quality is the service given in four main headings. In this sense Plures is caring your sensitive cargo, under special cargo heading. With this option you can also get dangerous goods transportation services.


How can you Transport Dangerous Goods?

There are some criterias that should be considered regarding the transport of hazardous substances.

- The probability of risky situations in case of transportation,

- Which are listed in international list of hazardous substances,

If you are going to make a cargo transport operation, to any products within these criteria, you can get in touch with our company Plures, to get dangerous goods transportation services. All transportation operations is done by Plures' trained and experienced staff, having many years of experience in air freight service. Latest model vehicles and technological equipment used during transport and shipments send to its final destination without harming human health and the environment.

If you want a secure transportation service for your hazardous materials, start the process by contacting the company Plures and provide a safe and economical transportation. All sensitive materials are stored properly, carried out with special handling rules and delivered on time to the address in a secure way. In compliance with the rules determined by IATA and arrival countries the goods are delivered with great care.

Some goods,which has a great importance in international trade,such as; explosives, flammables, toxic or pressurized items ,can give great harm to people's health and to the external environment. On the other hand the use of industrial materials for developing economies, is becoming a necessity for transportation of these substances. While performing transfer of these, operations are being handled with a great care in compliance with the appropriate legislation to avoid any damage to the environment and people's health. Plures fulfills the process of transportation of these substances without damage and losses for many years. Please do not get late to take the advantage of Plures Air' safe and fast transport of dangerous goods service.

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