Thanks to Ankara air cargo services you may benefit from the fast, reliable and dynamic cargo services and enjoy an excellent cargo transportation service under Plures Air warranty with personalized service approach in Turkey and all over the world.

Ankara Air Cargo Services

Air cargo services were found to be more prevalent in recent years with the increasing importance of time. Plures offers an exclusive service in the foregrounds of customer satisfaction, special needs and demands in each of its services. One of the leading aviation companies which offer solutions both for individual and corporate needs of Ankara, Plures Air is always beside you with special solutions offered by a superior service apprehension.


Worldwide Fast Cargo Services from Ankara

Your cargo delivery may only consist of a document shipment or it may require cargo aircraft chartering services as well. The type of service you receive is not important for Plures Air. Plures Air accurately determines your needs. An interview with our experienced staff about what you need and which services do you exactly expect from Plures Air is more than enough for a qualified and competent service. Plures listens to you and offers peculiar solution alternatives for you. The solutions you choose in accordance with Plures recommendations determine the main lines of the service. Afterwards, our experienced staff creates the perfect service plan without overlooking even the smallest detail and puts it into practice. The attention Plures pays to speed and time is default for every step of your delivery until your cargo safely reaches the desired address. This includes obtaining the necessary permissions, packaging according to the properties of your shipment, ensuring the required security services, transportation under appropriate circumstances and the delivery to the correct address without any problems. The delivery address may be very close to Ankara or may as well be at the other end of the world. The largest advantage of Plures Air is its domestic and international links which are used till the end in order to provide you the excellent service.


Your Valuable Cargos are in Safe Hands

Within the scope of private cargo services, Plures Air provides services with an aircraft suitable for the specifications of your cargo in addition to the maximum security measures taken for the delivery of your valuable cargos and its trained personnel always at your disposal. You can be sure that your shipments such as jewelry, banknotes, credit cards and especially valuable documents which require special security measures are delivered to the right addresses by the experience and the quality of Plures Air. Your to and from Ankara deliveries are under the warranty of Plures Air.

Enjoy the Solutions Peculiar to You in Ankara

Are you moving away from Ankara? A fast, easy and effortless moving process awaits you with one-way cargo aircraft chartering service. Our special team will pack your goods in an excellent way and take on the responsibility of transferring your belongings to the airport by road and into your new home if you wish.

Do you have a document to be sent urgently? Just call us. Our experienced staff will make every effort to deliver your cargo to its place in the fastest and safest way.

Are you a company linked to Ankara? You have found yourself a perfect partner who will meet all your logistic requirements by corporate solutions peculiar to your company.

Contact us in order to benefit from all our solutions concerning Ankara air cargo services.

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