Centered in Istanbul, Plures Air offers jet ambulance aircraft, private jet, passenger and cargo aircraft charters as well as travel organization, cargo transportation, flight ticket sale and visa services with over 10 years of experience.

Air Cargo Transportation

Since its inception, the mission of our company has been offering safe, uninterrupted, qualified and fast Turkey air cargo transportation services. You may contact us for a cargo demand to or from any city around the world as long as it has an airport.

International Cargo Aircraft Chartering Service

The content or the destination of your delivery doesn't matter for Plures Air. Cargo aircraft chartering service promises to swiftly deliver your cargos to its recipient both in your domestic and international shipments. You may entrust your belongings or loads safely to Plures Air cargo aircraft and be sure that it will reach its recipient without any deformation.

Corporate Aviation Services

Special travel arrangements for companies or individuals, business jet charters, private aircraft chartering for companies, tour programs, travel management of national and international organizations are some of the examples of Plures Air corporate aviation services. Plures guarantees a trouble-free flight experience in line with the needs of your company. Please, contact us for solutions peculiar to you.

Ambulance Jet Aircraft Chartering Service

The most important reason for the utilization of jet engine aircrafts as ambulances is that jet aircrafts are faster than turboprop planes. The speed is crucial for the survival of the patient in emergency situations. Thanks to the comfort and the medical equipment of jet ambulance aircrafts lives are saved in areas of natural disasters or when the emergency of the patient evacuation is in question.

Private Jet Aircraft Chartering Service

Plures Air private jet aircrafts, which are preferred by many individuals and companies due to their speed, comfort and safety, are prepared according to customer demands and offer a complete service for them. Time-loss which is a probability with most of the airline companies is out of question for Plures Air services. The chartered aircrafts are made available at the desired place in time.

The private jet chartering service awaits you on the other end of the phone for a comfortable journey.

Passenger Aircraft Chartering Service

Mostly preferred by large groups of people, the service does not waste your time hence you experience a trouble-free and comfortable flight. Tour companies, soccer teams and their fan groups as well as teams that are part of any organization can easily benefit teams from Plures Air passenger aircraft chartering services.

Keep in mind that Plures Air team will also meticulously fulfill any of your extra demands.

Flight Ticket Sales

Call Plures Air and share the details of your travel plan and buy your flight ticket on the phone. Thanks to this service, you may choose your flight ticket from any airline company you desire and select the most suitable aircraft for the features you specify.

Visa Application and Application Tracking Service

Plures Air meets the visa requests of its customers as well. Plures Air eliminates any possible problems likely to occur in individual visa applications. For fast, easy and reliable visas benefit from Plures Air services and experience no negative replies. In addition, Plures Air tracks your visa application instead of you as well. In order to benefit from the service please contact us using the request forms.

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