Funeral Transportation

Funeral Transportation

Funeral transportion service by aircraft, is one of the special cargo services of Plures Air. Plures Air, serving in a stable manner for long years in aviation sector, gives funeral transportation service sensitively. Given services are at the level of world-scale, funeral transport operations with aircraft can be made for domestic and international flights.

Rules for Funeral Transport Services with Aircraft

Funeral air transport operations should be handled with a great sensitivity for all the people, the competent authorities have some pre-defined rules for this. We can list these rules that must be complied with generally as follows:

- First of all, the human remains has to be in a zinc, metal or lead coffin for to be carried with international flights. However, as well as this, a coffin with a solid wood and canvas bags wrapped properly can be used for funeral transportion with aircraft.

- The terms of acceptance is slightly lighter when the funeral transportation is with domestic flights. To apply this service, only deliveries in a sturdy wooden coffin wrapped against infiltration is acceptable. Any cracks or wounds over coffin is not acceptable and it should be fixed.


- If the funeral, that air transport services provided by Plures Air, is turned into ashes, it should be carried in a wooden box or crate. However, this is not the only requirement. It is accepted by the authorities within a special container that shock-absorbing packaging effectively done against breakage.

- Apart from these, the funeral transportation as mixed cargo, as consolidated cargo, absolutely not acceptable.

- Especially in domestic flight operations for funeral transport, reservation must be approved from the starting point to the destination of the cargo. In this sense, it should be noted on the airwaybill that the freight charges pre-paid.

Death certificate and burial report for must be presented at the time of booking for this service. All these warnings mentioned above are general warnings. For funeral transportion service with aircraft, the general conditions set by IATA and the arrival countries medical institutions special rules should be complied. Plures Air will give you detailed information about the documents and procedures applied prior to your booking.

Plures Air as one of the leading companies of aviation sector, has been working steadily for funeral transportation worldwide. To get detailed information regarding services and prices and to benefit from previlages, you can call Plures' call center 7/24 or communicate by e-mail. For the funeral transportation service carried out in accordance with the transportation regulations and high standards you can call now.

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