Centered in Istanbul, Plures Air is one of the leading companies of aviation industry with the world-class services it provides. Plures Air combines the experience it has accumulated till today with the latest technology and thus provides a customer and solution oriented service.

Flight Ticket Sales

A competent company, Plures Air offers you flight tickets with many additional advantages from any international airway company of your choice.

Private Aircraft Charter

The experienced and well-equipped team of Plures Air works day and night in order to provide you the best service. You may benefit from the various jet aircrafts of our private aircraft chartering service for a comfortable, safe and fast travel, you may choose to fly with our passenger aircrafts to avoid the scheduled flights of commercial airway companies or you may as well utilize our cargo aircraft chartering services to deliver your cargos in the highest standards.

Jet Ambulance Aircraft

Plures Air offers services with its experienced health team and specially equipped jet ambulances for you to be able trust your loved ones with peace of mind. Aware of the importance of a second in a critical situation, Plures Air is at your side with its jet ambulance aircrafts in cases of injuries, disasters or medical evacuations.


The professional crew of Plures Air helps you get the visa of any country you like in an easy and fast way without even bothering for that conventional painstaking visa processes.

Cargo Services

Plures Air offers practical, fast and safe solutions for your international cargo deliveries. Whether for a single shot or for a cargo aircraft charter, Plures Air ensures your cargo is safely delivered to its destination.

Corporative Solutions

International aviation company Plures Air is the greatest helper of firms while increasing their prestige in international business arena with the private services it provides considering every little detail for peculiar corporate demands. Plures Air offers special, innovative and superior quality services for the needs of individuals or companies. Contact us to meet an individualistic standard of high quality now.

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