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Plures Air Cargo Turkey

The aim of Plures Air is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing a peerless service quality with a unique discipline of operation.

Plures Air

Plenty of Alternatives

In case you have cargo deliveries to or from Turkey you can find cargo services at Plures Air with plenty of alternatives.

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Easy Communication

You can use the request forms in our website to learn our cargo prices, get more detailed service information and initiate your orders.

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Quick Solution

Plures Air provides peculiar solutions for its clients in Turkey air cargo services with a company philosophy of gaining time.

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Plures Air Cargo

Contact Plures to conduct Turkey - centered parcel, document, product, machine or gift cargo deliveries or buy individual or corporate private cargo aircraft chartering services.


Private Jet Charter

The very best aircraft chartering brand of Turkey, Plures Air is capable of delivering your emergency cargos by private jet chartering services in the fastest way.

Why Choose Us?

Plures lowers your costs in Turkey air cargo services. Plures Air provides the best services for the best prices due to having exquisite communication skills and strong cooperations.

In addition to air cargo services Plures is capable of providing courier services as well. Your urgent deliveries will be delivered to their adress just on time by our air courier team.

Plures wins its clients time. You can use the online request forms found on our website to learn air cargo prices, get more detailed information and to place an order.

What we do?

Plures is an IATA certified air transportation agency offering services in various fields such as aircraft charters, flight ticket sales and air cargo transportation in the aviation industry. In addition to air cargo services, Plures is the most popular aircraft chartering brand in Turkey. Other services provided by the private aviation company Plures Air are;

  • Air Cargo in Turkey Services
  • Combined Transport Services
  • Air Courier
  • Cargo Airplane Charter
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Passenger Aircraft Charter
  • Air Ambulance

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