Plures offers economic air cargo prices for airway cargo transportation services. Since the very first day of its services, Plures always offers high quality service options to its clients with a wide range of alternatives.

We are the Number One Air Cargo and Air Courier Provider!

Our aim is always being the first one while offering the best services to our customers for the best prices. Our discipline and strong belief in what we do is what gives us power and sustains the superior quality of Plures Air. Plures air cargo service is a transportation service which enables the delivery of your international cargos in the fastest and the safest way.

Your preferences are Plures's desire. Plures Air provides very affordable air cargo prices which do not affect your economy when compared to costs of other companies providing airway transportation services. Airport to airport deliveries are the fastest way of cargo transportation.


Your International Cargos are Delivered within 24 Hours!

Door to door or airport to airport, any type of delivery of your choice will be conducted safely. The air cargo prices vary according to service provider and the type of delivery, however Plures Air makes sure to offer you the best price advantages for the service. The prices vary according to the time, type and the information of delivery. Contact Plures for the fastest delivery for your urgent cargos and benefit from our air courier option. For more information on air cargo prices please contact us via our website.

We are always right beside you for your exports and customs problems and offer our support whenever you demand it. The professional and experienced Plures crew, sensitive to your needs and demands, conducts your transportation and delivery requests in a safe and meticulous way. We offer the best air cargo prices for a wide range of cargo types such as dangerous substances, live animals, valuable and special belongings, deformable products and cold chain cargos (deliveries that require a cold environment such as medicine) as well as private sub-services such as funeral transportations. Our combined transportation services are available for destinations which include at least two types of transportation ways. In case you demand a delivery which requires the utilization of both the seaway and the airway transportation services, lowering the distance Plures determines the most suitable destination and conducts your delivery in the fastest and safest way.

Prefer Plures and experience the best service quality for the best prices on the market; you may use our request forms for more information. Airway gains you time. In case you too want to benefit from our advantageous air cargo prices with Plures exclusives, contact us now.

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