Gaining an international fame in recent years by its aviation successes, Plures has brought ease and speed to many Turkish as well as foreign citizens and companies by the air cargo services provided for Antalya.

Antalya Air Cargo Services

Air cargo deliveries eliminate the transportation problems which occur due to remote domestic and international distances and intensive highway traffic in particular. Any Antalya Airport-based cargo deliveries are conducted in a faster and safer way with Plures air services. The most special, sensitive and urgent air cargo deliveries to or from Antalya are conducted in a fast and flawless way under the warranty of Plures air cargo services. Plures sustains its operations with this dedication, raising its bar every other day without compromising its success and thus has taken air cargo transportation to the highest level of quality.

Plures has a professional department for cargo services. Using request forms you may acquire free information about your urgent deliveries from our team of experts.


Plures is at your service for Antalya Cargo Deliveries

In addition to shipping cargos worldwide, Plures Antalya air cargo services enable delivery services from all around the world as well. The details such as cargo insurance services, customs procedures and air transportation activities are executed by Plures to offer time-gain and convenience which is the core our corporate philosophy through an excellent communication. Plures meticulously and without experiencing a glitch realizes the delivery of any type of cargo to the specified address on the specified time. Thanks to the expert team of Plures, superior security and flight measures are taken every time thus breakage and damage problems are never experienced in the transportation and delivery of air cargos such as documents, parcels, goods, food, samples, equipment and machinery.


Individual or corporate, everyone can benefit from Plures Antalya air cargo services with the most favourable price options. Plures team of experts always precisely and clearly informs clients about the transportation process of the cargo until it is delivered to the address of the recipient. You may use request forms to get more information about Antalya air cargo services or you may contact us via our central office numbers.

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