Combined Transport

Combined Transport

In addition to its numerous services, Plures is a Turkey-based aviation company which also offers combined transportation services on an international level. One of the most advantageous services of recent years for both individuals and corporations, combined transportation offers great convenience with respect to time and safety and it receives and intense demand internationally.

The combined transportation service offered by Plures Aviation is the delivery of the cargo to its destination point at least via the utilization of two different shipment alternatives (highway, railway, seaway and airway). The combination of highway, railway, airway and seaway transportation creates an advanced shipment method. One of the most important factors which make Plures combined transportation services preferred worldwide is the guarantee of saving time and money. The service eliminates the shipment problems which may occur during the long distance transportations. Any product trusted to Plures reaches its destination safely with no setbacks such as breakage or leakage.

Offering services at the highest level of professionalism at all times, Plures successfully sustains 24/7 combined transportation services for numerous individuals and corporations today. The most private, sensitive and urgent air cargo deliveries are conducted in a fast and flawless way under the warranty of Plures air cargo services.

The Advantages of Combined Transportation Service

Plures combined transportation offers many advantages to its customers;

• Large amounts of loads are safely transported to long distances.

• The provision of flexible loading and distribution opportunities by highway transportation.

• Different products can be combined and consolidated.

• The options of combined transportation can be optimized.

• While there are different transportation options for your cargo deliveries, it can also be conducted as a whole.

• creates economic advantages for heavier deliveries.

• Safer transportation by sea and railways.

Plures Turkey aviation company offers combined transportation services and reservations to its customers every day and every hour of the day by the principle of "7/24 reliable and fast transportation".

You may reach Plures specialists at 0212 465 33 32 for more service and price information, for support or to make a reservation.

-You may use request forms available on our webpage to get more information about combined transportation services and make an order.

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