Nalchik Turkey Air Cargo

Nalchik Turkey Air Cargo

Our service scope, for developing world, with Nalchik air cargo you can quickly do shipping to many different points. With the increasing number of companies providing air transport services in Turkey, it made significant increases at flights to different destinations in time. In parallel with cargo growth the number of destinations you can find has increased very seriously. In this sense, even to the city of Nalchik which is kilometers away to Turkey, we are able to make quick and safe delivery of your air cargo.

Weekly Air Cargo Service to Nalchik with Plures

Using air cargo service for your shipments to Nalchik you can not only save time but also send it more safely.

Where you can appy if you want to take the advantage of air cargo services to Nalchik?

Plures Air transport offers different options for its customers. We have options to a very large scale from human remains handling to live animal handling. Therefore if you wish to send cargo by air to Nalchik, you must examine Plures Air's service. Options for sending cargo are planned according to the shipping type you want to send. With the wide service range of Plures Air, you can even send your valuable items to everywhere.

Nalchik is the capital of the Russian autonomous republic of Kabardino - Balkaria Republic. It is located in the south of Russia in the North Caucasus.

Turkey - Nalchik Map

A Brief History

According to records, the first information about the city can be reached from the first half of the 18th century. According to the data, the people are inhabiting in Nalchik settlement since from 1740's.

The city was establihed by Russian Empire invation, to make a secure area against the Ottomans in 1818. Founded as a military fortress, city of Nalchik, is a project implemented by Russians to consolidate its dominance. The city, which has become a town in 1862, the number of people living in those years was counted as 2600. In 1922, during Soviet leader Stalin era, it was brought to city status, it has become an autonomous republic in 1936. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was included to the Russian Federation.

The story of the city's name

According to myth, the name of the city is related to the surrounding mountains. Geographically, the mountains surrounding the city is reminiscent of a horseshoe shape and the name of the city Nalchik means horseshoe in Adyghe and Balkar languages. This story is being told where that name and symbol of the city derive from.

Geography, Climate and Economy

The city was founded at 550 meters elevation on the slopes of Caucasus Mountains. Spread over an area of 150 kilometers square, the population of the city is 240,000 according to 2010 data. Nalchik river is one of the lifeblood of the city, and the city has a green area of approximately 1,000 hectares. City has humid temperate climate, and in 2003 it was chosen as the cleanest city of Russia.

Underground resources, agriculture and tourism has an important place in the economy. The city has fertile plains, plains with arable land and molibden and tungsten sources. Also there are one hundred hot springs in the city and gold, lead, tin, copper, iron, stone and brown coal, molasses soil, oil, arsenic, pumice stone are the important natural richness of the town. The country and the city, is one of southern Russia's most important economic and geopolitical centers. The city has a large network of railway and the city is home to a small airport.

Demographic and Socio-Cultural Life

According to 2012 data, 47% of the population in the city of Nalchik is Kabardino, 31% of Russian and 11% of the Balkar ethnic origin. The city's population develops in nature to meet the economic needs of the country. Cities' and countries' majority are Muslims. The country's national language is Kabardian, subgroup of the Abkhaz-Adige language. However, the language of instruction is Russian and Kabardino-language education is given even if just a bit. In the city there are training and science centers such as; Russia's Academy of Sciences Kabardino-Balkaria Center, Institute of Mathematics and Automation Applications Research, Institute of Alpine Geophysical Studies, History, Language, Folklore, Institute of Literature and Economics Research, Institute Visokogorn Geophysical Research, Astronomy Observatory. In Nalchik, capital of the country where 60% of the population lives, Lenin Avenue Abkhazia Square, Univermag, Gorna and Elbrus are among the places to visit.

nalchik-air-cargo h6>Advantages of Plures Nalchik Cargo Aircraft

Plures Air Nalchik air cargo services will allow you to benefit from numerous advantages. First of all every shipment, with door to door or airport to airport services is delivered too quickly and by this way you will save time. Another advantage of choosing Nalchik air cargo option is to send all kinds of items, it is the easiest and safest method of delivery. Perishable foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, valuables, jewelery, hazardous substances, all kinds of goods, may come to mind briefly, can be transported in accordance with warehousing and storage conditions in a safe manner.

Staff assigned to the Nalchik air cargo service, consists of trained and expert staff. All shipments are carried out with great care and meticulousness. A quality service given with the technological equipment used, brand new vehicles and all the tools that are necessary for transportation service. According to arrival country of shipment, different rules applied, Plures ensures the delivery of shipments appropriately. With Nalchik air cargo flights, you can choose the faster transfer for packets, parcels and all kinds of shipments. You may call Plures call center for your requests or for further information, to send your air cargo with Nachik forwarding service, to be delivered to the region, fast, safe and guaranteed way.

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