Air Cargo Vladikavkaz Turkey

Air Cargo Vladikavkaz Turkey

With the privileges of Plures' Vladikavkaz air cargo service you can ensure that your shipments delivered as fast as it can. Even to the most remote corners of the world, with Plures you can still send air freight. Vladikavkaz is a place of distant lands and also it is remote corner of Turkey.

Information About Vladikavkaz

Vladikavkaz is capital of Autonomous Republic of North Ossetia, one of the countries of Russian Federation. In the past, was known by names such as Terekkale, Bravkale. Vladikavkaz stands in Turkish as "Judge of the Caucasus" In the 19th century Vladikavkaz, became settlement for the Ingush and Ossetians. Today, Ossetians, Armenians, Georgians and Russians lives in this region. No matter where you are, you can send your cargo to the region by Plures Air Vladikavkaz cargo services.

Orthodox Christianity mostly common in the region, where the Muslims are rare. The surface area is 1,075 square kilometers. The population is 311.693. Vladikavkaz, often pronounced as Vladicaucaus. This town has a lot of churches. Used as a military base by the Russians, is the starting point of the military transport between Russia-Georgia. Despite being a small city it continues to develop.

Vladikavkaz, is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of North Ossetia, of the Russian Federation.

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A Brief History:

Ossetian people constitute 60% of the population in the city has came the history scene in the 6th century. Ossetians settled in the northeast of today's North Ossetia in the 6th century. In 1222 Ossetians escaped from the Mongol invasion, they settled in the mountainous southern Ossetia. In 1557, under the auspices of Russian Empire Ossetians, adopted Christianity in 1774 and other Muslim Ossetians in the region, was forced to migrate to Anatolian. After domination of Christian Ossetians in the region, people was ruled by feudal and slavery system until 1868. The people of the region win autonomy in 1921, setting up an autonomous republic in 1936 and lived until 1991 under the auspices of the Soviet Union. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, under the name of North Ossetia at the central city of Vladikavkaz, has become one of the Russian Federation republic.

Vladikavkaz Urbanization Process:

Small communies in the Caucasus, lived in the mountainous areas and the village. Urbanization process began with the Russian invasion of the Caucasus.

Vladikavkaz, by the Russians provide security in Daryal Pass road and a city built to colonize the Caucasus. The main purpose of the establishment of the city was; the Russians had wanted to establish a military operation center of security and sovereignty. After a certain time, trade routes made the city a center of the region, due to the migration. Later, merchants and craftsmen of ethnic groups such as Armenian, Ossetian, Mountain Jews, Georgians and Kabardino began to settle. Until development of the Vladikavkaz as a city, Ingush and Ossetian people settled in the Mozdok region. Vladikavkaz's population has passed the population of Mozdok in 1860.

During the midst of the 19th century, the town of Vladikavkaz, was within a single administrative unit. When it comes to the end of the 19th century, Ossetian population in Vladikavkaz was about three thousand. According to data from 2002, the population is estimated to be 315,000 in Vladikavkaz.

Geography and Climate:

The city of Vladikavkaz is the capital of a country that, the distance between the north and south is 130 kms, while the distance between the east and west is 120 kms. 35% of the land area of the Republic of North Ossetia is mountainous and 20% is woodland. Terrestrial climate effects Vladikavkaz and Terek, Uruh, Ardon, Kabvevka rivers extends to region.


Vladikavkaz city contributes to the country's economy in the areas; industry, production of construction materials, metallurgy and food processing, lead, zinc and boron mining.

Socio-cultural structure:

According to the records of 2002, Ossetians are the leading ethnic groups with %63 rate in the city. Rates of other ethnic groups in the city are as follows: 27% Russians, 4% Armenians and 3% Georgians. Ossetians speak a language, belongs to Iranian language group but Caucasian effect is also observed in the language. Ossetian languages divided into dialects, Kuder dialect spoken in South Ossetia and Iron and Digor dialects spoken in North Ossetia. In the city of Vladikavkaz, Iron and Digor dialects are spoken.

Between the states and the cities of the Russian Federation Vladikavkaz is one of the highest cultural leveled city. In the country and city, the level of higher education is %80 and primary education period is for 11 years. All the major institutions of higher education in the country is located in Vladikavkaz. These are: North Caucasus State Technological University, North Ossetian State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Pedagogy, North Ossetian State Medical School, State's Mountain Agricultural University, Faculty of Linguistics and Psycho-Pedagogical faculties. In the city of Vladikavkaz, museums with historical content are also available. In these museums, ancient ruins of Scythians, Sarmatians and Alans are exhibited. At the same time, there are 6 theaters in the city. Theater performances for children are exhibited, Russian and Ossetian works are presented.

In Vladikavkaz, non-governmental organizations of; the Human Rights Working Group of Youth, Vladikavkaz Management Institute, the Supreme Council of Caucasus Refugees, Vladikavkaz Press Club continues its activities in an active way.

Examples of the traditional cuisine of the Ossetian are; bazig (made from the right shoulder of the animal), axsanbal (prepared with three pieces of meat, liver and heart ). Before every meal, they give a toast to St.Georgia according to their Christian beliefs.


Vladikavkaz Special Cargo Services

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