Plures Cargo

Plures Cargo

Plures Air is an aviation company which besides its aviation and tourism services also offers Turkey-based, international cargo services. Plures advances its service quality every other day with its experienced team, extensive airway network and the trust of its customers.

Equipped with the latest technologies, the cargo aircrafts of Plures Air offers 24/7 service for companies and individuals. Any cargo entrusted to Plures Air is rapidly delivered to any destination around the world without any trouble. The most private, sensitive and urgent air cargo deliveries are conducted in a fast and flawless way under the warranty of Plures air cargo services.

Cargo Aircraft Chartering Services

Cargo aircraft chartering service is the airport-airport transportation of a cargo in the fastest way. Plures aircrafts vary according to the quality, size and weight of the cargo. The payload of each aircraft is different. Each product entrusted to a cargo aircraft reaches its destination without breakage or loss independent of its weight or fragility.

Offering world-class services worldwide, Plures Cargo transportation services is capable of handling any shipment while providing solutions special for each and every shipment. Plures Air Cargo team provides fast delivery solutions with affordable prices for shipments such as heavy-large parts, hazardous materials, perishable fruits and vegetables, humanitarian supplies, livestock, oil and spare parts supplies, large and valuable goods, automotive, machinery and so on.

In addition to cargo aircraft chartering service you may also contact Plures for the delivery of your single-time or regular air shipments which may include gifts, parcels, documents and samples to the address (es) you specify.

Thanks to various shipment options provided by Plures Air Air Cargo team, cargos are delivered by the requested dates and times. Plures Air air cargo service options;

• Door - Door,

• Door - Airport,

• Airport - Door,

• Airport - Airport

To this day, Plures Air cargo services have answered the cargo delivery demands of numerous sales agencies, private companies, government agencies, oil, construction companies operating in sectors such as automotive, foundations, associations and charitable organizations and entities worldwide.

You may contact Plures Air at +90 212 465 33 32 or visit our webpage for cargo aircraft chartering or any type of cargo delivery services (parcels, documents, products, etc.) worldwide. Professional Plures Air stuff will inform you about your shipment, delivery details, cargo aircraft information, chartering process, organization and time management, costs and permits.

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