Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Plures offers high quality delivery service for its clients who have international corporate and individual commercial networks with Saudi Arabia air cargo services.

Turkey based Saudi Arabia Air Cargo Service

Within the scope of our Saudi Arabia air cargo services; your order is processed after the specifications of your cargo such as width, height, length and weight are obtained. Shipping time of your cargo is indicated according to the flight times and the delivery of your cargo is realized at the specified time. We offer Turkey and Saudi Arabia based air cargo transportation services. Services for deliveries based in different countries are available as well. You may call our central office for the details.

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Jet Speed Delivery

Plures is one of the most preferred companies in aviation sector with its quality, speed and advantageous prices. With our international air cargo services your shipments are flawlessly delivered anywhere around the world. One of our international air cargo services is the Saudi Arabia air cargo service. Our air cargo services include all kinds of your possible shipments such as LCL cargo, courier services, cargo aircraft chartering services, import, export, samples, gifts, products, machinery, spare parts, packages and documents. In case you demand Saudi Arabia based air cargo services, make your choice for the experienced company Plures. Contact us via our phone numbers and meet the quality service.

According to the content of your cargo and the custom procedures of the destination country, we provide cargo deliveries without the requirement of any custom clearances for your shipments which are up to the permitted weight. You may contact Plures for the paperwork and other procedures required for customs clearance of your shipments which are over the specified amount of weight. We make ease your work and help you on this issue with our experienced staff.


Whether a company having a business network in Saudi Arabia or an individual client delivering a single product; your delivery has the utmost importance for us in any case. Our selfless work lasts till your cargo is delivered to its destination. The moment your cargo safely reaches its address our company completes its task.

Saudi Arabia Air Cargo Prices

Our modern aviation services, experienced staff and quality equipment to perform the transport are at your service in the Saudi Arabia air cargo transportation as well. Our goal is to offer a qualified service, safe handling and customer satisfaction and to provide you with all of this for the best prices. The address of qualified and affordable delivery in Saudi Arabia air cargo services, Plures sustains improving its range of services in order to see you among its happy clients.

In order to perform your Saudi Arabia deliveries with a reliable company you may contact us via our website or provided phone numbers.

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