Air Cargo Turkey China

Air Cargo Turkey China

Plures, with its more than ten years experience in the aviation industry, is giving China air cargo service, air transport is provided under the distinguished service of our company. Your shipments we received from all over the world, carried meticulously to China, also shipments delivered from China carried to the world safely. We are always in your service, ready to send your urgent shipments, to carry them as soon as possible. Aircraft cargo service is the fastest type of transportation, with security first principle of our company, is also available to this big Asian state as a result of high demand. For many years, many firms in Turkey, which maintains trade relations with Chinese companies, are choosing our company for cargo transport. As a result of these services require continuity, many Turkish and foreign companies, enjoys the privilege of quality services with Plures difference.

China produces, Plures Carries to World

"Plures creates the most appropriate solutions to its customers"

Almost all the needs of the World's computing devices meets in China, it is the giant of the world in many areas, such as production of electronic products and circuit components. With trained workforce, large population, the number of qualified people participating in the production, the volume of production increases each passing day at the cities transformed to the industrial centers. This country; is the home of the global brands' Asia-based factories, from automotive industry to textile manufacturing. These products transported from China almost anywhere in the world, are mostly delivered to the recipient with air cargo service. On the other hand; "Made in China" concept entred into our lives with first class replication production of world famous brands. All these large-scale commercial activities, continuation in a flawless manner, was made possible through a systematic and highly developed transportation network. Our company which is becoming an important part of China's air cargo service network, is offering the most appropriate solutions for its customers. Plures is next to the customer at every step of the cargo service with its comprehensive service concept and all possible alternatives.

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing Shipping Service

Especially including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing airports, almost to all cities in China, our company is capable of deliver your shipments by air cargo services to/from China, regardless of the size, all your deliveries carried from door to door or from airport to airport according to your request. It is also possible for you to get our special service of charter cargo aircraft rental.

Air Freight Prices

The criteria taken as a basis for determining the price, is designated as delivery method, the weight of the shipment, according to the distance of arrival country. Our company policy is based on offering the most affordable prices. To get the price information for our China air cargo services, you can fill up the form on our website or simply call our free information hotline. You can also find information about the status of the delivery or time of delivery through the same line.

About China

China is one of the Far East countries with a large population and a large surface area that has caused the formation of the state-managed system and autonomous regions. China is a country located in Far East Asia. China is surrounded by; Mongolia in the north, north-east, Russia and North Korea, to the east; Yellow Sea and East China Sea, south-east; South China Sea, in the south; Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), India, Bhutan and Nepal, south-west; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It is a country with major cities such as; Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing. Chinas major airports can be listed as; Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing. It has a wide geography and because it contains the different landforms, climate shows extreme variation according to the regions. China has the monsoon climate in the southern part, the harsh terrestrial climate particularly prevails in the northwest region. The tropical climate temperatures are seen in the south, terrestrial climate effects are seen in the north.

Deliveries Fulfilled with Plures Difference

Our country provides the various needs as computing devices, electric audio / video signal devices, synthetic fiber, from companies that makes production in China. The majority of Turkish companies who has deal with Chineese suppliers, prefer Plures' air cargo service for reasons such as to provide complementary services, timely delivery and detailed and complete process management. Our company assist in determining the most appropriate services to the needs of our customers which is separated as systematical cargo and private courier cargo. The difference between the two air cargo services brings no restrictions in load, the amount and the size of the cargo shipments, but it brings variability in delivery time. We send your special cargo, due to urgency, in the shortest time possible.


Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Airport is a civilian airport located in Chek Lap Kok district of Hong Kong. Coordinates designated as 22 ° 18'32 "N 113 ° 54'52" E. This airport designed by Norman Foster and construction began in 1960, due to insufficiency of Kai Tak Airport which was used since 1925. The British people transferred airport to the Chinese Government on 30 June 1997, and it was opened in 1998. This airport project consists of a combination of 10 projects (airport core program). The airport constructed by blasting Chek Lap Kok island which was located near Hong Kong, flattened and filled. A new railway station was built in order to provide access to the island at the same time. The length of the road between Hong Kong and the airport is about 34 km. In addition to being an approximately $ 20.5 billion project, it has been awarded many times as the best airport in the world. There are a lot of restaurants, shopping centers, museums and hotels inside the airport. In 2014, with 63,148,379 passengers it was among the airports with busiest passenger transportion network. With Airport express the center of Hong Kong can be reached in about 24 minutes.


Beijing Capital International Airport

It is the main airport in Beijing. It is located 32 km northeast of Beijing's city center. It was opened in 1958. At that time it was used for VIP flights only. Terminal 1 was opened in 1980. This terminal was for domestic flights within China. Although this terminal was large enough by the 1950s, when it comes to 90s it was insufficient and Terminal 2 opened, after the opening of new terminal, Terminal 1 closed for renovation work . Airport code is PEK. It is the busiest airport in 2009 both in terms of passenger traffic and total traffic. There is an area where twenty aircraft can land alongside at Terminal 2. All international flights were opareted from here before the opening of Terminal 3. The Airbus 380 is capable of landing to this terminal.

In terms of passenger traffic between the years 2010-2013 was the second busiest airport in the world. Also shows a rapid growth in cargo traffic. It is the main hub of China Airlines.

There are three terminals. The third is made in time for the 2008 Olympics and is the largest terminal. Is the world's largest airport terminal complex. When it first opened, it was covering an area of approximately 986 thousand square meters. Terminal 3 is both international and domestic flights. At terminal 3 there are 243 elevators and escalators, an advanced baggage system (19,200 pieces of goods per hour can be transported ) and a sophisticated security system with the latest technology equipment is avail. There are 72 restaurants at Food-service area. The prices at this restaurants almost same as downtown restaurants.

Airport is located in the path of the 89 airline and 14 cargo transport company. Shuttle transportation is provided between the terminals and they provide service every 10 minutes. From the airport to the city center there is also railway and taxi service. The rail system reaches Dong Zhimen from Terminal 3 and Terminal 2.

According to 2014 data, contribution of the airport to the economy is $ 6.5 billion annually. It served 87 million passengers in 2014.


Shangay Pudong International Airport

Shanghai is the largest passenger airport with its traffic. In Asia, it has the largest passenger flow. It is at the 30 km east of the city center and have been built on 40 kilometers area. It is located on the east coast of the city of Pudong.

It is an important center at the Asia-Pacific, for international cargo transportation. The two largest passenger terminal in Asia is located there. The third of them is planned to be completed in 2015. With the completion of this terminal, the number of 60 million passengers is planned to increase to 80 million. It is ranked third in the world with cargo transportation and nineteenth in passengers traffic. Before opening of the Shanghai Airport, Hong Kia Airport was used as the main airport. Construction was begun in 1997 and opened for use in 1999. A second terminal is made in 2005 and construction currently continues.

Shanghai Airport has 70 runways and 219 parking position. It is located on 75 airlines and that much of a shipping company's trade route. Transportation to airport can be provided with both the maglev train and highways. Also Shanghai metro line and bus transportation may be used. According to data from 2014, 51.661.800 passengers and 3.178.200 tons of cargo were transported. Banks, post offices, vending machines, charging machines, photo booths are avail at the airport.

Guangzou Airport

Guangzhou is the capital of China's Guangdong region and it's the main airport. This is the hub of the China Southern Airlines. In 2014, Guangzou Baiyun Airport was the second busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic in China and sixteenth busiest airport of the world. The airport is the China's third busiest airport in cargo traffic and is the eighteenth busiest airport of the world. It is the second busiest airport in terms of aircraft movements in China.

Airport is located between the regions of Baiyin and Huadon. Airport was opened in 2004. The other airport who gave seventy-two year old service was closed before the opening of the Guangzou Airport. The new airport is five times larger than the old airport. The new airport eliminates the old airport's problems such as limited area and overcrowding. It has applied a lot of restrictions because of the problems of the old airport. With new airport, 24 hours continuous intercontinental traffic has been convenient.

With the third line of Guangzou metro, transportation to airport provided. A new expanding plan done in 2008. This plan also involved the third runway 3800 m wide and 60 m long. However, the main focus of the project is the construction of 5031 thousand square meters terminal. Construction of the third runway began in 2012 and was completed in 2014. The entire project is estimated to be completed in 2018. When the project is completed, the airport will have capacity of eighty million passengers and two and a half million tons of cargo.

There are 173 aircraft parking positions. Airport serves 100 different destinations. Generally domestic flights performed.

Mainly, China Southern Airlines and other 62 airlines uses this airport. It has a hub function for cargo traffic in the Asia-Pacific. The airport is located on the route of 16 cargo airline.

Plures' comprehensive service concept has adopted a 100% customer satisfaction, referring to specialist staff ,analyzing the most appropriate service to the needs of customers. If you want to get China air cargo service with the Plures difference and quality, you can get free information from our head office and start the process.

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