Experience the convenience of conducting Turkey-Centered safe deliveries to anywhere around the world by the Izmir air cargo services Plures offers.

Izmir Air Cargo Services

One of the leading aviation companies of Turkey, Plures offers customer-oriented, Izmir-centered flawless air cargo services with unique solutions that are peculiar to person and situation.

In addition to supporting you with peculiar solutions, Izmir air cargo services include air courier services, cargo aircraft charters, cargo parcel deliveries, combined transportation services and private cargo deliveries as well.


Your Izmir-based Cargo is in Safe Hands

Primarily in the Middle East and Africa, Plures has proven itself all around the world by the Izmir-centered It provides air cargo services. Undoubtedly, Plures owes being one of the mostly preferred aviation companies of corporations conducting import and export deliveries to its safely provided transportation services even to places considered inaccessible.

Plures has conducted smooth and trouble-free deliveries with no setbacks even in the most tumultuous Periods of the Middle East and the civil war between the regions of Africa with its experienced and credible personnel. Moreover, the company transports Izmir deliveries to their addresses in the fastest way possible.

The delivery of your cargos in a secure, easy and fast way is very important for Plures. Therefore, the time-plan of the delivery of your cargo is created meticulously with attention to the smallest details from the moment of submission till the delivery destination. In this planning the type of the delivery (raw materials, valuable documents, such as perishable products), emergency, special precautions that should be taken as well as how to achieve the most comfortable way of transportation are some of the details particularly focused on. Our professional staff will include you in this planning process in order to offer you the most convenient service. In addition, our staff who runs around instead of you, for procedures such as obtaining the necessary permits prevents you from facing any bureaucratic obstacles throughout your travel.


Private Air Cargo Services for Individuals and Corporations in Izmir

Plures offers private services to individuals and organizations with its air cargo services. Listening to you as an individual, determining your requirements in the most accurate way and offering high quality service for the best prices, Plures helps you quickly and securely conduct cargo deliveries with its air courier services. By private cargo services that are operated by specialists of the field, Plures carries its private freights (perishable items, live animals, hazardous materials, valuables, products requiring cold chain and even funeral) in accordance with the procedures.

Preferred by large companies, institutions and associations, Plures has taken its place among indispensable business partners by producing appropriate solutions for any situation and customer demand with its private cargo aircraft chartering services, combined transportation services and partial cargo services to or from Izmir for logistics needs.

The pride of Plures is the smile of contentment on the face of its clients. In case you demand Izmir air cargo services with Plures exclusives or more information about these services, simply contact us.

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