Plures Turkey

Plures Turkey

Plures Air Turkey offers international passenger aircraft, jet aircraft, ambulance aircraft and cargo aircraft chartering services for individuals and corporations. In addition, with a worldwide reputation and reliability Plures provides a wide range of aviation services such as visa, flight ticket sales, hotel bookings, guidance, VIP transfer services, car rental, organ transplantation and funeral transportations as well.

- Aircraft Chartering Services; Plures Air Turkey has private passenger, cargo, jet and ambulance aircrafts available. You may request 24/7 chartering services for private organizations, business and leisure travels, private cargo deliveries and emergency patients individually or corporately.

- Flight Ticket Sale Services; provided for saving money and time, flight tickets can be directly purchased from Plures Air for lower prices and quick check-ins.

- Visa Services; Plures Air Turkey performs all the necessary visa procedures for international business, travel, education health or leisure travels instead of customers easily. Moreover, in case clients demand flights to United Arab Emirates which has an agreement with Plures Air from Turkey, it is possible to acquire visas via e-mail as well.

- Organ Transplants; The fully-equipped aircrafts of Plures Air Turkey enable the transportation of donated organs between the nearest airports of departure and destination points swiftly and meticulously.

- International Funeral Transportations; In case a Turkey-based or international funeral transportation is required, Plures Air is capable of carrying the deceased in the fastest and the most reliable way.

- Car Rental; Plures Air Turkey, offers its customers car rental services as well. Within the scope of this service, it is possible to rent any car suitable for any economy from any city or country around the world.

- Hotel Reservations; Plures Air Turkey offers its clients hotel reservation services in reliable, comfortable and affordable hotels found in desired regions.

- Guidance Services; Plures Air offers 24/7 private guidance and solution services for any information related to visa, airport, hotel and departure details.

- Special Travel Solutions; Plures offers special travel solutions for those clients who want to attend to a private organization such as football match or a festival.

- VIP Transfer Service; Completing all the required transactions immediately for the customer, Plures Air Turkey offers VIP transfer services to another region by plane or by car during a travel.

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